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Malèna is an Italian romantic drama film starring Monica Bellucci and Giuseppe Sulfaro. It was directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore from a story by Luciano Vincenzoni.

Monica Bellucci started her career as a fashion model; here she proves to be a very talented and capable actress.  Her character in the film is full of layers, contradictions and complexities.

It was nominated for 2 Academy Awards.

Another film well worth seeing if you have not; and again, an excellent sound track.  A beautiful film to watch.  Great cinematography.

Monica Bellucci in “Malena” 

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

Pirelli Calendar 1997 - Monica Bellucci by Richard Avedon

CS:  Sort of a ‘defeated Italian Wonder Woman’ vibe here…oh and Pirelli do make very good tires.

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